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Amino Prime is composed with Anabolic Performance Enzyme Technology you won’t find anywhere else!


The Amino Prime supplement works by targeting hunger cravings and using its secret technology to trick your body into burning stored fat quickly.

This allows your body to shred unnecessary fat and boost your muscle growth and recovery.

Amino Acids in your bloodstream provide the essential building blocks for repairing and building your muscles, while burning fat as fuel.

Increasing the concentrates of amino acid in your blood tricks the stomach into felling full, putting your body into the most optimal state for quick muscle gain and fat burning. Because your stomach is satisfied instead of eating extra food, your body begins to use your stored visceral fat as fuel for energy.

During this optimal state your body stores virtually zero calories because after your strenuous workouts instead of eating to give your tired muscles fuel to recover, your body uses previously stored fat to receive the vital nutrients it requires to repair itself.

Does Amino Prime Work

amino prime

Due to Amino Prime’s secret Anabolic Performance Enzyme Technology its makers have released its list of ingredients…

However, to keep knockoffs from arising they have choose to not disclose the amount of each amino prime ingredient.

Amino Prime Ingredients Include:

Taurine – An amino acid that works similar to nitric oxide, by improving blood flow allowing for better transportation of oxygen and nutrients for you muscles to recovery from intense workouts.

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate – An amino acid commonly used to increase sexual energy and improve athletic peak performance due to its ability to aid the liver in breaking down by-products from muscle exercise.

Beta Alanine – An amino acid that when ingested into the body takes the form of the carnosine molecule, which acts as an acid buffer to protect your muscles from exercise-induced lactic acid production.

Caffeine – A stimulant ingested to improve the body’s functions.

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__1.) Take with a protein shake.

__2.) Open capsules to add mix with drink or _____simply swallow the capsules.

__3.) Wait about 30-45 minutes to digest pre _____workout.

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