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Custom Amino Acid Dericatives

Chiral Glycine Derivative
Fmoc-Amino Acids
Boc-Amino Acids
Unusual Amino Acids
N-Methyl Amino Acids
Heterocyclic Compounds
trans-DL-b-Pro Derivative

Custom Peptides Synthesis

Multi-disulfide Peptides
Peptide-Protein Conjugates
Peptide Derivatives
Post Translational Modification
Peptide Synthesis

Analytical Services

Net Peptide Content
Karl Fischer Water Content
Analytical HPLC
Optical Rotation
NMR, Elemental Analysis
Endotoxin Testing
Solubility Testing

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300+ Amino Acid Derivatives Peptides regular stock.
Free shipping globally by DHL/FedEx
Receive as short as 7 days

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Using solid or liquid phase.
Optimized Fmoc and Boc methodologies
Use two HPLC profiles to confirm the required purity.


Intelligent technical team

All the team members are with Master degrees in biotechnology with 3+ years experience in synthesis


Advanced facilities

Advanced devices including spectrometer, HPLC, UV and all types of required equipments


Full Documents

QC summary sheet,2 reverse phase HPLC profiles to verify purity, mass spectrometry to verify molecular weight, amino acid analysis to verify composition


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Free shipping worldwide.Just open your door to sign to receive.

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Workmanship cost advantage

Workmanship cost advantage

The whole synthesis team is based in China, composed with experienced team members. Good human resources cost control and ensure the cost advantage to our final products

Supply chain cost advantage

Supply chain cost advantage

The full complete supply chain of all raw material are close to us. This saves logistic cost and ensures the cost advantage of final products


Atomic absorption spectrometer
Automatic Polarimeter
Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Liquid Chromatography
Microwave Digestion System
Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer

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We have a strict 100% quality policy—all Amino Acid Derivatives Peptides meets your requirements.To ensure your 100% satisfactory,we offer a money-back guarantee. Within the first 7 days after you receive the product, if you are unhappy with the products, tell us and you will receive the refund immediately.


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