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Just send us your desired difficult or uniquely modified peptids and amino acid derivatives CAS NO/product names. The high-efficiency AminoPrimeCentral team start custom synthesis immediately for you. You will get your products around 2 weeks. For our inventory, get them in 7 days

Custom Amino acid derivatives

AminoPrimeCentral offers Custom synthesis of a complete spectrum of Amino acid derivatives
● Chiral Glycine derivative
● Fmoc-Amino acids
● Boc-Amino acids
● Unusual Amino acids
● N-methyl Amino acids
● Z-Amino acids
● Other Amino acid derivatives

Custom Peptides

AminoPrimeCentral offers custom peptides of the highest quality at the most competitive price.
● Linear peptide:Max.189 residues, Quantity from mg to kg
● Simple modified peptides:Acetylation, Amidation (C end)
● Complex modified : Stapled Peptide, Isotopes(N15、C13), Phosphopeptides(p-Ser、p-Thr、p-Tyr), Myristic acid
● Purity option: Crude,Desalted,>70%,>80%,>90%,>95%,>98%,>99%

Peptides modification and labeling

The below modifications of Peptides service could be provided by AminoPrimeCentral
● Main sequence modifications with unusual and rare amino acid residues
● C-end modifications, Acylation with carboxylic acids, Biotin
● N-end modifications, Acylation with carboxylic acids, Biotin, Dyes and PEGs
● Modification of side functions of Amino acids.

Product libraries & Inventory

AminoPrimeCentral offers extensive volumes of peptides and Amino acid derivatives to giving researchers the perfect platform for pharmaceutical and Nutriceutical development
● 300+ Amino Acid Derivatives Peptides regular stock.
● Shipping globally by DHL/FedEx.
● Receive as short as 7 days
●Custom quick quote in 7-12 hours

Top universities, institutes, pharmaceutical/biotech companies’s’choice.
They simply can’t be wrong!

Amazing Research team

20 years experience of chemists, Skilled at performing complex, multi-step synthesis
Difficult chemistry-related problem-solving skills, Specialized in Amino acid and Peptide areas only

Excellent track record

State-of-the-art synthesizers for Amino acid derivatives and Peptides
Excellent track record dating back to the foundation of the company

Excellent testing & quality assurance

Stringent analytical specifications were taken as reference to guarantee the top quality
Hundreds of running of HPLC and MS daily to test the products before release
In-house Amino acid sequence analysis

intellectual property protection

Quotation on client’s request within 7-12 hours
Fast delivery within 1 weeks after order 
Complete confidentiality of all orders is assured
All the intellectual property generated during a project will be owned by clients only.


Atomic absorption spectrometer
Automatic Polarimeter
Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Liquid Chromatography
Microwave Digestion System
Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer

Workmanship cost advantage

Workmanship cost advantage

The whole synthesis team is based in China, composed with experienced team members. Good human resources cost control and ensure the cost advantage to our final products

Supply chain cost advantage

Supply chain cost advantage

The full complete supply chain of all raw material are close to us. This saves logistic cost and ensures the cost advantage of final products

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High-fives,Smile and Hoorays
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Custom Amino Acid Derivatives,custom Peptides


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We have a strict 100% quality policy—all Amino Acid Derivatives Peptides meets your requirements.To ensure your 100% satisfactory,we offer a money-back guarantee. Within the first 7 days after you receive the product, if you are unhappy with the products, tell us and you will receive the refund immediately.

Simple Order,Rocket research!

AmnioPrimeCentral’s philosophy is to work according to simple and transparent business models that make all the cooperation simple and be flexible towards client’s needs.

How to order from us:
Customer’s inquiries with product name and quantities are welcome via e-mail and they are answered within 7-12 hours. Orders are accepted only in writing, preferably via e-mail

How to order a Custom synthesis:
Customers need to provide us with desired structure/amino acid sequences, purities and amount. If necessary a secrecy agreement is signed in advance. Our offers including prices and delivery times are available within 48 hours